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I’m Denish Patel is a Lead Database architect/engineer with having over decade of experience working with varieties of DB systems.  He took on challenges with growth mindset to achieve the desired outcomes. Over last decade, he has played lead & individual contributor roles at small to large companies; Sr. Database Architect at Medallia, Principal Database Engineer at WithMe & Lead Database Architect at OmniTI.

I like to work with Database technologies regardless of the methodologies used by tools to solve problems. I work with mostly all RDBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL , MSSQL Server) and NoSQL (MongoDB,Cassandra, Riak ) databases and non-persistent data caching layer and queuing & event processing technologies.

Facts about me:

  • I’m MBA graduate from Johns Hopkins University & holding BS in Computer Science.
  • I spoke at various conferences. : LOPSA East, HadoopDC, PGOpen, PGEast, PGWest, PgDayNYC, PgConf Russia, PgConf NYC. PgCon Ottawa
  • I like to play Cricket & Volleyball
  • I’m a vegetarian

Social Media:

You could reach me at denish.j.patel at gmail dot com.

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