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I’m Denish Patel, Sr. Database Architect at Medallia, a leader in Custer Experience Management by providing  SAAS software to their clients. Before joining, Denish was  Principal Database Engineer at WithMe, a startup disrupting retail industry. Previously, I was Lead Database Architect at OmniTI, a world leader in open source consulting.

I like to work with Database technologies regardless of the methodologies used by tools to solve problems. I work with mostly all RDBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL , MSSQL Server) and NoSQL (MongoDB,Cassandra, Riak ) databases and non-persistent data caching layer and queuing & event processing technologies.

Facts about me:

  • I’m MBA graduate from Johns Hopkins University & holding BS in Computer Science.
  • I spoke at various conferences. : LOPSA East, HadoopDC, PGOpen, PGEast, PGWest, PgDayNYC, PgConf Russia, PgConf NYC. PgCon Ottawa
  • I like to play Cricket & Volleyball
  • I’m a vegetarian

Social Media:

You could reach me at denish.j.patel at gmail dot com.

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